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Mario Pirovano: Francis the Holy Jester REVIEWS

Mario PirovanoLondon,  May 2009

‘Mario Pirovano’s performance of the Holy Jester was a highlight of our year and a wonderfully uplifting experience that we will never forget. The event brought together a diverse audience of students and staff from across Queen Mary and beyond, all the members of which were visibly invigorated by Mario’s engaging approach. We await his next visit with eager anticipation.’
(Nigel Relph, Director of Corporate Affairs, Queen Mary, University of London)

‘On a warm summer evening in London Mario Pirovano transported his audience to medieval Italy, and created an unforgettable encounter with Francis of Assisi. Pirovano’s evocation of history was impeccable, yet the message he conveyed was as fresh as can be: a powerful critique of greed and hypocrisy, and a timely warning against squandering the truly important gifts of life: nature, love and friendship.’
(Professor Miri Rubin, Department of History, Queen Mary, University of London) 

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