How to drive a woman crazy with pleasure.

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Let’ s begin a strategic workshop!

Women are not interested in sexual techniques per se. Men are keen on doing certain things (see the fulminating success of “mutual cunnilingus”);  women are not.
We are different. In point of fact, women like their men to know where their G spot and clitoris are. All in all, women expect a minimum of techniques. Yes, an absolute minimum; i. e.  men should be sensitive enough as to listen to them whilst fondling them softly and slowly.
However, beyond that minimum indispensable knowledge of female anatomy, the grade women will give men is related neither to their technical feats, nor to their peculiar tricks or postures and not even to the size of their penis or biceps.
Women, the absolute majority of them, are looking for something that is not directly related to the sexual act per se. Something that happens before or during intercourse but is not sexual. In the ‘70s, foreplay was the discourse; banalities and nothing else. Women are not interested in having their thighs stroked for 8 minutes before switching to the raw act. Women are moved by the aura, the spirit, the atmosphere, the relation and the symbolism of what is happening. Something the male is hard put to understand. It took me centuries…At long last, I have come to realize that, for women, intercourse is 70% amazement.
Do you want to drive your woman sexually crazy? Amaze her!
However, not in bed. First of all in a restaurant or during a walk. You don’ t necessarily have to arrive with a bouquet of flowers; in any event, that is aright. However, even the bouquet, very much like the foreplay, can become a meaningless, technical gesture. Women want emotions, feelings, starry nights, heart beats, sighs. Women need to feel desired, loved, sought-after, imagined, dreamt of.  Men should think, listen to whatever she may be talking or laughing about, ask her what she’ s fond of…Since we, the males, are wanting in this field, I am beginning here a workshop; and I’ m enlisting you in disclosing how you managed to drive a woman crazy with pleasure as well as asking our ladies to reveal what drove them out of their minds. Quite naturally, I’ m setting a good example. Environment and circumstances: Alcatraz, a lot of people, a noisy mess. I begin writing a sequence of chits of paper with love messages that are more and more explicit and slipping them in places that I’ m certain my wife will, sooner or later, roam through. I shall put on a good act so that she will never suspect my plot, and alter my own handwriting. Married ten years since, I can easily get hold of my wife’ s handbag and drop into it a short note without been noticed…If involved in a much younger affair, one should be more careful. When she has found the third message, Eleonora is set about talking to some friend and hunting out the author thereof. She tries and suggests I did it and I deny most resolutely. I go home before her and I leave my last message in full view on the dashboard of her car. I stick my seventh message into the keyhole of the front door. That message invites her to a date in a room full of candles and promises a body massage with scented oils. And so on.
I hope that many of you will participate in this workshop of ideas about loving each other and playing together. There are millions of tales about courting and millions of stories of break-ups, but practically nothing about inventing a two some life.
If we truly want to drive our women crazy in bed we must understand that they are looking for this high level of relationship. We would undoubtedly benefit from a qualitative leap on our part. Let us fill this vacuum of tales and accounts about what to do and how to behave after the first kiss and before the breakdown of the relationship. Perhaps, if we squeeze our brains and exchange our positive experiences, we can avoid a wonderful loving partnership from falling apart.

WARNING! This is a political action. This is an attack upon war and exploitation;  a tangible and effective way to save human lives and a substantial action to  oppose the Multinationals of  Sorrow.  To-day’ s reality if fully integrated and  interconnected to the point that a butterfly’ s wing-beat  in Sidney can unleash a storm in New York. The chain of reasoning that has generated a problem is unable to solve it. If you want to study in depth the subject matter, look up the index of the most important articles published in this blog and, in particular: The enemy to beat is the linear thought; Mutual Cunnilingus; Female’ s desire and the dream vacation; The rapist is  frigid!  That’ s why. Female ejaculation. When do women ejaculate? Let’s open the debate.

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