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Oh Mr. Obama, please! Only you can help us! (English version)

Oh Mr. Obama, please! Only you can help us!
Mr. Obama, we are here in Italy, in the Empire outskirts, and we write to you because only you can help us.
Something weird is happening here.
Bush, that strange person, decided to build near Vicenza an enormous military base. There was another one already, but he thought it was tiny.
People of Vicenza and many other Italians came down to manifest their disagreement. We don't need at all a new military base, a new monument to money waste, to fear and to hate. We don't need greater missiles full of nuclear bombs.
Your election to the chair of President of the United States has marked a turning point in the history of this planet. Now we can imagine an era of peace, undestanding, communication. An era in which not to kill one another for oil and in which to take energy from the sun, the wind and the oceans.
Then, Mr. President, what has to do with this dream a new shimmering military base?
Do you really want to drop all that money into new underground bunkers, launch pads, bombs?
If someone gets mad, he could already launch enough nuclear missiles to destroy this planet a thousand times. What additional power could you get with this new base? When you end to build it, could you destroy the world the 1001'st time?
Is it really worth the effort? Do you really need it?
With the money spared by renouncing to this project, you could give food and education to a million children. If you, tomorrow morning, could announce such a thing to the world, people would say: "You see, this President really wants to change the world!", and this would protect America more than a hundred military bases.
What are new military bases for, however?
Soviet Union does not exist anymore, and its heirs are slowly opening to progress. War with China for oil will not be, since you are speeding by ten the transition to renewable power sources, with the big investments you are making.
A new military base will not be useful against the enemies of your homeland, wich are terrorists, difficult to hit with atom bombs. At the contrary, by building this mad thing, you will enforce the enemies of USA, who will say: "You see, Americans speak about peace, but build war."
It's not fair, for one who loves the dream of a new world, to invest money and skill to build, once again, cathedrals of terror filled with cannons and barbed wire. We need signs of love. Yes we can! Let's stop the night dogs.
Yesterday, in Vicenza, this dark dream of power caused more wounded people, and more pain.
Right now, this military base is arming the hands of the ones who know only hate.
People who wage war is infiltrating peaceful manifestants. And this fact is enforcing those who, into the police forces, hope the return of blackjacks and tear gas bombs.
Please, Mr. Obama, please! Make the impossible, the unexpected. A love gesture, a faith gesture, a prayer for the mankind's soul. Stop this madness.
We are fighting and screaming, from many years, against this senseless evil. But our protests are crushed, or ignored. We live in a strange place of the world, where wit is momentarily vanished.
We are fighting with all our forces, sincerely, but we are losing.
We can not stop this spinning gear, we are a vassal state, in the outskirts of the Empire. It's being executed here and now what Bush decided for us, and no one here could ever resist. There are treaties, agreements, obligations took by our strange rulers.
We alone can not win this battle of the civilization of peace, against the one of war.
You can do it. Only you can do it. If you act, we will be on your side, like always have before, and even more.
Together we can do it.

Jacopo Fo